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Sunday, 24 May 2015

What Type Of Awning Design Is Trendy In 2015

Awnings which are also known as overhangs are exteriors secondary coverings of a building that are placed mainly in the external parts of a building. The notion of its purpose in providing a much cooler environment with little usage of energy is highly attributed in truth and the higher advantage is in its structural appearance to the public. Awning has been placed in both residential homes and commercial buildings and served a multitude of individuals for many decades and is a trend that is continually embellished new styles and designs. It is inevitable to not notice the unique themes and trendy awning designs currently flourishing our streets and homes in 2015. Some of the beauteous designs will be mentioned below.

Types of Awning Designs Trendy in 2015

1. Retractable awning designs

The retractable awning designs are made in the two main models manual retractable designs and motorized retractable designs. Both model awning designs do offer a great structure of physical area coverage and they are trouble free in installation, maintenance and daily usage. The retractable awning designs are a great choice for both residential and commercial houses and buildings as they are great for back yard porches. They will offer a great cover during the summer and also during spring and winter. No matter the seasons the retractable model designs a great fit for 2015 as they can be customized in the material pattern to make it look both unique and very pleasant. Some of the advantages of using the retractable awnings include; reducing UV damages, reduce the glaring effect of the light, control heat temperature in the environment at very low usage of energy and increase the natural lighting of the environment with little usage of energy and costs.

2. Aluminum composite awning design

The aluminum composite awning design can come in two main designs and one is a design in which the awning will curve on the edges to be more closed or reserved to a certain space. The other design is a more open design whereby the edges are not curved but rather flat open. The latter design is great for open car garage for both commercial and residential environments. The first designed is great when it is attached to a residential home as it offers a warm welcome to all inhabitants and visitors. It is also ideally applicable in commercial settings of cafes and libraries. This awning design is mainly made from aluminum and is also flexible in customizing the overall outlook of the awning. It is easy to maintain and clean to ensure a pleasant outlook of the entire environment and is one of the most durable awnings in the industry as it can outlast all weathers of rain, heat and snow. Some of the main advantages of the aluminum awning design for 2015 include; they do not allow any light to pass through and thus offers a very cool shade, they are heat resistant and do offer sound insulation thus providing great comfort in the environment.

3. Polycarbonate solid awning designs

The polycarbonate solid awning is a very unique trend in 2015 at offers a very classical outlook and is great for both residential and commercial building settings. It is used to replace glass as it is much stronger and very durable especially with the impact of different climatic seasons. The unique style with polycarbonate solid designs is that it can fit into almost any site as it can be used in a garden setting. Front and back door setting of building or home and even at a car parking lot. Some of the advantages of the polycarbonate solid awning design for 2015 include; it is much lighter in weight than glass and thus is very easy to use over glass, it is much stronger than glass and thus even more durable and it allows more light to pass through while balancing the illumination of the sunlight.

4. Window awning designs

Window awnings have been a traditional setting however in 2015 this new trendy awning design is being embraced with uniqueness in the overall outlook of the window awning design. It is now motorized to either be opened or closed upon choice and the outlook of the main awning clothe is customized according to one’s taste. The main advantages oft the window awning design for 2015 is that it will offer a great balance in heat temperatures in an environment, it will reduce the amount of light reaching to the interior part of the building, and finally offer a cool yet warm environment that is very welcoming.

5. Polycarbonate Twinwall awning design

The polycarbonate twinwall awning design for 2015 does offer a very new model towards enriching the beauty of your environment. They are applicable in both residential and commercial building and homes and they are designed to provide more shade and reduce the level of heat penetrating the environment. The polycarbonate twinwall awning design is made in a manner that will leave your environment looking bright while reducing the amount of light that penetrate the awning. This will create a very natural outlook of both the exterior and interior environments. Some of the main advantages that can be accrued from using a polycarbonate twinwall include; the quality of durability is very high as these awning designs for 2015 can endure all climatic weather changes such as the rain, sun and snow, it also possesses UV resistance and finally you do not have to change anything in your environment as these awning tend to blend right in with the environment.

6. Entrance awning designs

Entrance awning designs for 2015 are also becoming a great trend as many are illuminating the notion that the entrance awnings create a more attractive and warmer welcome for guests. This is especially noticed among commercial buildings where by business are looking to provide the warmest welcome to all their guests and the best way to do this is to have an entrance awning. The best part is that the entrance awning for 2015 does envelop wide criteria on how to look thus increasing the chances of having more clients step in.


The trendy awning designs for 2015 mentioned above are each a great choice depending on the environment and affable taste of the users. You can opt to either go online or physically visit awning companies and have a good look at these designs and gain a wealthier experience in your choice of awning designs.


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