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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Popular Awning Colors in 2016

Many people want to extend their homes and businesses, and that is why they use awnings. Awnings tend to be cheap and easily portable. You can use it for personal use at home, or it can also be used in an outdoor restaurant. It offers some elegance and comfort around the area. One of the major differences in the awnings developed is the color. Though they come in different fabric and material, the major visible difference of the awnings is the color. The color of the awnings that you choose will determine the elegance it has and also, it can help to pull more customers into your space.

When you are out to choose the best color for your awnings, you will need to ensure that you make a wise choice. The choice of your awnings will depend on the location of the awning. If it is set up for business purpose, the color choice should be more professional. However, the type of business will also determine the choice of the awning color. Choose the color that will suit your business type perfectly, without being inappropriate. The space of the patio, where you use the awnings, will also determine the color that you will choose. If the space is too small, you will need a brighter color to make it appear bigger. A bigger space can take the dark colors, to make it seem well compact. Still, the type of business or use of the awning space will determine the color that you use. That said, here is a look at the most popular awning colors in Singapore, and why you should use them:

• Yellow
Yellow is one of the most used colors for painting properties, and it has also been popularly used for awnings. When used in awnings, it is mostly used for another color. For that, you will need to choose a color that matches the yellow perfectly. It could be the light tone yellow or the dark-tone yellow, but choose one that is suitable. Ideally, go for a light-tone yellow if the awning is in a partially hidden. This helps to make the space look brighter. Also, if your property has some yellow paint shades on the exterior, then the yellow awnings are the best to use. Instead of using different colors, you can use a mustard yellow if you have a pale yellow on the exterior wall.

• Red
Red is supposedly the most romantic or intimate color to use on a property. Choosing a red awning allows you to have various shade options. The good thing about the red awnings is that it compliments exterior paints like tan, yellow, and white. It can compliment any color since it has some neutral aspects that make it a great choice. If you want to use it in a restaurant that hosts couples most of the time, then this is the best awning color to choose. Red creates an intimate environment that is also welcoming. If you are using it in your home, you can blend the red awnings with the blue paint shades of the exterior wall. Suppose the exterior paint has some green pigments, then red is not the best awning color to use. This is because it can seem inappropriate.

• Blue
This is another top awning color that you can consider getting for your property. They blue awnings come in different variations. You can choose deep blue, sky blue, or electric blue awnings. These blue shades tend to enhance the exterior paint of your property with a natural color. The blue awning can go well with a white-painted exterior. You can have some white trim in the blue awnings to make it look even more elegant. If your exterior house painting has some orange touches, you will be careful to choose the right blue shade to use.

• Green
Green is one of the most earthy colors though it can come in different shades. In Singapore, you will mostly find deep green and moss green awnings. You can blend these two awning colors with an exterior with green and tan shades. If you have natural color on the exterior of your property, then it can also go well with the green awnings. Do not use green if the property has red bricks, or if it is painted red. The two colors do not blend so well.

• Brown
Brown is another popular choice for awnings. It tends to add the dimension to the exterior wall paint. The brown awnings will also come in different shades, so ensure that you choose wisely. Brown can also go well with an exterior with white paint. It creates some comfort and welcoming feeling, so you can choose it for your awnings. Do not use brown if the space is too small, unless you want to add some lighting to it. Brown tends to absorb the light, and it can make a room seem darker, so choose the tones wisely.

• Stripes
When you are out of choice, and you find two colors the best of your preferences, then stripes are the best way to go about it. Most of the stripes come in a darker color that goes well with white stripes. However, you can customize your awning and make them have the colors that you prefer. For instance, you can have red and yellow stripes as your awning color.

Choosing the awning color is all about satisfying your preferences, and choosing a color that will fit well in your space. The right awning color will make the place look elegant, it helps to create a comfortable and welcoming environment, and you will also enjoy it in your space. Ensure that you consider the exterior paint of your property before you choose the awning color. The two must match well, and the awning should also act as an enhancement of the exterior wall paint.

Ideally, find a reputable awning company that will offer you a wide variety of awning colors that you can choose from. The company should also advise you on the best awning color to use, which will complement the exterior paint of your property. Ensure that you choose the color wisely to help you make your space look elegant.