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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Pros and Cons of Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate roofing is manufactured from a thermoplastic polymer that has the characteristics of being translucent, light and strong. It is mostly used for roofing purposes due to its capability to withstand extremely high and low temperatures. A polycarbonate panel can be utilized for various uses in both commercial and industrial applications. Below are some more facts concerning the polycarbonate panels as well as the various pros and cons associated with them:

Types of Polycarbonate Roofing
This type of roofing can be used in place of acrylic or glass sheets. It is mostly used for awnings and green houses. It can also be used in patio rooms, solariums, skylights and sun rooms. Polycarbonate roofing is available in various types: tinted, clear and foam back polycarbonate panel. The foam back sheets are mostly used for soundproofing as well as insulation.

Pros of Polycarbonate Panels

They are Easy to Install
A polycarbonate panel is easy to install when it is compared to installing galvanized steel. This makes it possible for labor costs to be reduced thereby reducing the cost of installing the panels altogether. As the sheets are also light in weight, they do not weigh down on the building on which they are installed. Their light weight also makes it easier to transport them and also install them.

Better Sunlight Permeation
For people who wish to maximize the amount of natural light getting to certain parts of the house they ought to turn their focus on polycarbonate panel roofing material. This is because by virtue of this material being translucent, it is capable of letting an ample amount of sunlight to permeate into the identified area. The polycarbonate roofing has been found to allow light transmittance in structures such as green houses at 85%. It offers a better alternative to glass for a home owner who wishes to have light permeating a certain area of the house better than the other areas.

Despite the fact that a polycarbonate panel is made of lightweight material, it is also incredibly tough. Most retailers usually offer in average 10 years as guarantee of this material’s durability. It highly resists impact, pressure and scratches and this is the reason why these panels are fast gaining popularity in the construction of plant nurseries and greenhouses. This roofing material is also very resilient in that it is capable of withstanding extremely hot or cold temperatures. The panel is also resistant to rain, heat and snow. This fact makes them ideal to be used in any kind of environment its harshness notwithstanding. It is able to last longer than the conventional construction materials. This roofing material has also been observed to retain its original appearance throughout its long lifespan without exhibiting any signs of discoloration. Its surface is also famed for being resistant to cracking and dents and this makes it capable of being drilled and used for mounting purposes.

It is affordable
One of the great things about the polycarbonate panel is its price. It is priced lowly when compared to other roofing materials like glass thus making it to be more affordable to a large number of people. Its price is very friendly given the large hosts of advantages and benefits it offers people who invest in it.

It is Unbreakable
The polycarbonate panels have experienced a quick rise in popularity due to their qualities of being unbreakable and withstanding massive forces. This is the reason why these panels are being used in the construction of windows that are bulletproof as well as police shields. They are also used in the construction of fences, offices and banks due to the added security they come along with thus reducing the costs of armoring these areas.

UV Rays Blockage
This is another great advantage that a polycarbonate panel offers to its users. Although these panels have a greater degree of light permeability, they are also able to block ultraviolet rays in an effective manner. This quality alone explains why they are the most preferred materials of choice for the construction of awnings and overhead covers in commercial establishments. The same quality also explains why they are the most preferred in the construction of green houses as they are able to keep the harmful UV rays away.

Polycarbonate Panels Cons

A polycarbonate panel has a few disadvantages especially when it is compared to another type of a roofing material like plastic or glass. Below are some of these cons:

Expensive than Plastic Roofing
When compared to the cost of plastic roofing, the polycarbonate panels appear to be more expensive. This is the reason that most people go for its alternative, the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or the ABS roofing. The ABS is also relatively tough but it is different from polycarbonate panels in terms of heat and impact resistance which is lower. It is also cheaper as compared to polycarbonate panels and people who do not wish to get the full advantages of polycarbonate panels can settle for ABS.

High Sensitivity to Abrasive Cleaners
Polycarbonate panels are highly sensitive to abrasive cleaners, solvents and cleaning products that contain alkaline. This calls for extra care and caution to be exercised when cleaning them in order to avoid them getting affected in the process. You should be very careful not to use cleaning substances that contain benzene, acetone or any other type of an organic solvent while washing the panels.

They are not Eco-Friendly
The manufacturing process through which a polycarbonate panel is produced is not environmentally friendly due to the very high temperatures involved in the process. Its manufacturing process also requires phosgene, a product that is well known for the harmful effects it has on human beings. The process also requires chlorine which is also known for being environmentally unfriendly. These dangerous products necessitate that polycarbonate panels manufacturing companies to protect their workers especially during the process of manufacturing them.


When both the pros and cons of a polycarbonate panel are considered, one will see that the pros outweigh the cons. They are a great choice for roofing materials especially in areas that require more natural light to permeate easily. This consideration is important when trying to find the right materials to use in a construction project.