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Monday, 11 July 2016

Replace Or Repair Awnings In Singapore

Awnings originated from Europe. They are sheets of canvas or any other material which has being stretched on a frame. Awnings are used to keep the rain off windows, deck, store front or doorway. Awnings are therefore used as shelters against adverse weather conditions. Before you make any decisions on the awning you need you have to consider the weather implications. Singapore is an island located in the southeast of Asia. It lacks clear-cut seasons like winter, summer, spring, and autumn. The weather in Singapore is quite humid and warm all round the year with the island enduring a tropical equatorial climate. This implies that there is rain almost every day including the monsoon period. The climate of Singapore is characterized by high humidity abundant rainfall and uniform temperature and pressure.

The above climatic conditions are an important point to consider when choosing an ideal type of awning for your Singapore home. There are those who might want to replace existing awnings or repairing old ones, these points will also be of major guidance.

Polycarbonate panels
This proofing is made from a translucent, strong and light thermoplastic polymer. Its ability to withstand extremely low and high temperatures are the reason why it is ideal for those who either want to repair or replace their awnings. It is ideal for both industrial and commercial application. Below are some points to consider when it comes to polycarbonate panels:

Types of polycarbonate panels
Polycarbonate panels are ideal for awnings. They can also be used in sunrooms, solariums, patio rooms and skylights. They come in various types which include foam back, tinted and clear polycarbonate panel. This means they are diverse enough to cater for the diverse needs of homeowners.

Below are some very crucial benefits as to why you should consider using the panels when you want to replace awnings that have been worn out or destroyed:

• Durability
In spite of the fact that the material used to make polycarbonate panels is quite light, it is also unbelievably tough. It will mostly come with a ten years guarantee. It’s highly resistant to scratches, pressure, and impact, this being the reason why these panels are gaining popularity in making greenhouses and plant nurseries. These roofing are also highly resistant to extreme weather conditions be it high or low temperatures. Therefore, if you need you awnings replaced with something that will be highly durable then this is an ideal material to use.

• Easy to install
Compared to Galvanized steel, polycarbonate pane is far much easier to install. This translates to a reduced installation cost attributed to by the low labor costs. This translates to an ideal way of replacing awnings at a low cost. It also means that repairing your awning will not be so expensive.

• They permeate more sunlight
For people who want more sunlight in their awning or rooms, they should really consider these polycarbonate panels. Since they are translucent they are able to let in an ample amount of sunlight. For those who want an awning that is bright sunlight then you should consider replacing your awnings with these panels.

• Affordability
Polycarbonate panels are quite available when to compare to other materials that can be used on awnings. The price is quite low when compared to the advantages associated with installing these panels. Therefore, for those who cannot afford the high-class awnings consider using these panels since their affordability will also reflect when it comes repairs.

• Ultra Violet Rays blocking
Although polycarbonate panels have a high light permeability, they also effectively block Ultra Violet Rays. This lone quality has made them the ideal material for constructing awnings in most commercial institutions. Replacing your awning roofing with these panels means that you are safe from UV rays.

Polycarbonate panels are however associated with just but a few cons associated with using them over other material for awnings such as plastic or glass the cons include:

• Highly sensitive to abrasive Cleaners
Once you replace your awnings with these panels you need to understand that these panels are highly sensitive to cleaners that contain alkaline and abrasive cleaners. This means that when it comes to cleaning there is the need to be extra careful to avoid affecting them in the process. Also, be careful not to use products with acetone or benzene and other organic solvents to wash the panels.

Retractable and non-retractable awnings for homes

Once you chose the material ideal for your awnings, be it plastic glass or polycarbonate panel, you will then have to decide whether the awning should be retractable or non-retractable. A retractable awning is either motorized on non-motorized. For the awnings that are non-tractable awning are characterized by the way you can retract them to make it look like they are actually not there.For those who need their awnings either replaced with these state of the art awnings, these are some of the categories available.

• Full cassette awnings- These awnings are characterized by the fact that the roller, arms, and fabric cover are all fully protected when they are retracted. They stay cleaner for longer when sensibly used.

• Semi-cassette awnings- these models have bigger arms and features which make them more powerful compared to the full cassette awnings. Installations are also much easier by openings underneath the cassette.

• Open cassette awnings- these awnings are economically friendly. They are an ideal way of shading in locations that are property protected.

Motorized awnings are retractable awnings that are not manually operated, while the non-tractable awnings are manually handled. These beautiful motorized awnings are favored by advantages such as the following:

• Ease of operation- This mostly because they are operated with just a touch of a button. Far much easier than manual retracting.

• They are very beautiful- These awnings present a linear and much cleaner appearance as compared to other non-motorized awnings.

• Additional features- there are many features that have over time have been incorporated with installing these awnings making them even better; these include the use of sensors to increase automatic control of your awning.

For those who want to install, replace or even make repairs on their awnings in Singapore homes, they should also consider the various colors that come with these awnings to fit their unique needs. In the 2016 Singapore awning market, there are some colors which have gained more popularity. These awning colors include the following:

I. Red
II. Yellow
III. Blue
IV. Green
V. Brown
VI. Stripes.

While you choose the right material for the awning in your Singapore home, make sure you consider the conditions in your location. This will help you a lot because understanding the conditions will help you choose the right material to use and the ideal model. This will end up reducing the repair and replacing cost to be incurred in future. With the right choice for awning and design, you will not have to keep repairing them.